About Us

HI-TECH ALLUMINIUMS, established in 2006 by two young entrepreneurs, is a brand dealing in system windows, shading treatments and many more range of products for the fenestration industry.


The team at HI-TECH ALLUMINIUMS comprises of intelligent management and highly skilled and trained manpower, catapulting it to the vanguard position in the building industry.

The brand stands for its customer-oriented concepts, quality optimization, technological innovations, and premium services.The firm has many acclaimed projects to its name, in various architectural proportions like private villas, luxurious bungalows, flats, institutes, and corporate spaces.

With the experience of over a decade in the fenestration industry, HI-TECH ALLUMINIUMS launches its new era to the establishment with the brand called “CARA”.


“CARA” stands for Innovation, Durability, and Luxury. It is a premium range of doors, windows and sun protection and outdoor shading systems, which have been developed conforming to the European standards. Besides offering unmatched luxury, CARA offers highly cost-effective and eco-friendly architectural solutions.

Hi-Tech Alluminiums have tied up with Renson,European Trendsetter Company in the field of natural ventilation, outdoor solar shading, and outdoor products. We have their authorized dealership for their Architectural Health Products such as Air Ventilators, Pergola and Gazebo Systems, External Sun Shading solutions and more for distributorship for the Gujarat state market.

To develop systems that add value to the architectural lexicon.
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Premium Quality Range Of Doors And Windows :
We bring to you the exclusive range of products, which are precisely designed keeping in mind the contemporary Indian needs and requirements. This range offers efficiency, durability, low maintenance and adds beauty to the architectural spaces.

Versatility At Its Best :
This range proves to be versatile and multi-functional that can be optimized for various projects. This range is efficiently viable for Apartment Flats, Private Villas, institutes, Corporate Offices, Luxury Spaces like Resorts, Hotels or Restaurants and many more. This range is meant for better aesthetical experience.

Handcrafted Custom - Made Solutions :
With high end technology at our side, we are coming up with tailor made architectural & interior design solutions catering to all types of functions & needs. Our mechanism allow multiple designs in an individual system, making it an innovative solution for all designers, developers and users.

Reinventing Architectural Vocabulary :
Our ultimate goal is to provide an X-FACTOR to our every building project. Our products can add charm to the elevations and can increase the beauty of the built mass. Our strength is the precision in manufacturing as well as in installation process and this precision can make the language of the building extraordinary.

Look - Feel - Buy :
Our brand had always been known for its customer satisfaction and after sale services. Our latest display venture brings us more close to designers as well as clients, where they can look at our products, feel it and then make the right decision. Our designs are not only on papers, they are reality.

Long Living Systems :
At CARA, we have designed keeping in mind the Indian needs, climate and economy. These systems are the most viable solution as they are cost effective and eco-friendly. These factors are responsible for our longevity and durabilityof the doors and windows.
Maintenance Free :
Alluminium is such a durable material that it lasts for decades, hence reducing overall reconstruction and maintenance expense. The systems are developed for multiple usage without hassle and they do not require anyafter-repairs.

Durability And Longevity :
There are many factors that make alluminium doors and windows more durable, versatile and long lasting. Light weight frames, precise installation process, weather resilience, resistance to wear & tear and others make them the ultimate choice for contemporary architecture. They are a great benefit to mother earth, as they are recyclable and powder coating is done through the eco-friendly ratings.

Variety :
The inherent strength and flexibility for aluminium to be manufactured to exacting specifications, means you are limited only by imagination. With an endless array of systems, finishes and glass options, aluminium offers a vast range of possibilities from the economical to most elaborate systems while also delivering excellent thermal performance.

Modern & Contemporary Designs :
Aluminium frames are thin, sleek and eye-catchy. One main key is to achieve that desired modern look is bringing the outside to the inside through the large expanses of aluminium doors and windows. They come in various proportions, styles, color palettes and multiple systems, that can add luxury and style to the Architectural Vocabulary.

Performance :
When combined with energy efficient glass, aluminium windows are able to meet or exceed energy efficiency standards by providing excellent thermal and sound insulation thus easily outperforming more expensive wood and PVC counter parts. Aluminium windows can easily achieve a significant boost in heat gain and loss through windows by nearly 60%. They are also an environmentally sustainable material with one of the highest recycling rates of any metal