Sleek design
Looking for an extra touch to your home, shop or company building?
With Linius and Linarte façade cladding you are guaranteed to impress. Horizontal or vertical, in any colour, for both inside and outside and even as a seamless finish for curved façades or over corners. Thanks to the invisible fixings, you can be sureof an excellent result.
Endlessly personalisable
A subtle design or clear statement: get creative with the possibilities for personalising your façade with different infills in wood or LED lighting, or by combining colours or integrating your house number or company logo. Outdoor sockets, intercom, letterbox or outdoor tap are subtly incorporated.
Easy to install
Aluminium profiles are light and easy to work with. Thanks to the patented fastening system, they can be fastened to the supports quickly and without screws. This invisible clip system is also width-adjustable and easily replaceable, so there are a lot of advantages to be gained even during the installation.
Sustainable quality
By surface mounting with the aluminium profiles you can sure of a durable and sturdy façade cladding, which can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Moreover, aluminium façade cladding is also an environmentally-friendly choice, because aluminium has earned a reputation as a ‘green metal’ thanks to its 100% and infinite recyclability.
Aluminium façade cladding requires virtually no maintenance. The powder-coated profiles retain their colour in all conditions and are easy to clean.


Beautiful façade cladding
Outdoors, Linius or Linarte adds an extra accent to an outside façade, and perfectly combines with other materials for a unique look and feel that can even extend to the interior (see below). Looking for a unique façade? Let your creativity run wild with Linarte infills in wood or LED strips
Terrace covering in the same look & feel
If you’re looking to achieve aesthetic uniformity, you can even extend the façade cladding up to your terrace. Under one terrace covering, one or more sides can be sealed in the same finish. One style for your entire home or building… guaranteeing you a sleek and uniform look.
Unique interior
The aluminium façade cladding from Renson can be used just as well inside as outside to give a wall that added accent. You can even seamlessly blend one into the other. For instance, the high-quality materials make it perfectly possible to even clad a staircase with Linarte profiles.